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Дом > Повседневный > Bunny Pop Bubble
Bunny Pop Bubble

Bunny Pop Bubble

v1.2.0 | 13.60MB
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Описание Bunny Pop Bubble

The description of Bunny Pop Bubble App

The cute little bunny needs your help to defeat the wolf who stole the bunny's favorite carrots. Help the bunny beat the wolf in epic adventure Bunny Pop Bubble game magic bubble shooting game an exciting bubble matching adventure.

Collect the bunny's beloved carrots by matching and popping the bunny bubbles equipped with a unique crosshair that will allow you to get accurate shots at the wolf with magical precision.

Solve the Bunny Pop Bubble puzzle to collect as many carrots as you can. Your mission in this Bunny Pop Bubble game is to beat the wolf and pop all the bubbles on the screen, collect all the worels to defeat the evil wolf to save the bunny.

How to play Bunny Pop Bubble is very easy:

- Aim and match the bunny bubbles to the place of the bunch of bubbles.

- Group 3 or more bunny bubbles of the same type to make them pop beautifully.

- Shoot your bunny's bubble bullet to other bubbles of the same color.

- Make all bunny bubbles explode beautifully to defeat the evil wolf.

- Clear all the bubbles on the screen to move up to the next more challenging level

Very cool Bunny Pop Bubble features:

- Good high quality music to keep you relaxed while playing.

- Bunny Pop Bubble doesn't need wifi to play you just download it.

- Various boosters and magic bubbles are completely free

- 1000+ well-designed Bunny Pop Bubble game levels are very fun and also a lot.

- Match at least 3 bubbles to pop them in this magical Bunny Pop Bubble puzzle adventure.

- There are lots of special boosters to help you pass the difficult levels.

- Bunny Pop Bubble can be played for all Android phones and tablet devices

- Play this epic Bunny Pop Bubble alone or with friends to see who can get the highest score.

Равно Bunny Pop Bubble

Дополнительная информация

быстрое скачивание
Высокоскоростная загрузка в приложении

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