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Home > Role Playing > Witch Cry:Horror House
Witch Cry Horror House Mod

Witch Cry:Horror House

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v1.0.7 | 113MB
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The description of Witch Cry:Horror House (Get reward without ADs)

Witch Cry Horror House Mod is a horror-style puzzle-solving brain-burning game. Players will fight wits and bravery with scary witches. There are a lot of puzzles for players to reveal the truth. A variety of levels are up for you to challenge , you will make good use of the props in your hands and come to a terrifying adventure challenge!

Witch Cry Horror House Mod Game Features:

1. Go to the game and try to challenge more difficulties and escape as quickly as possible.

2. There are so many decompression challenges waiting for you, get ready to deal with the scary witch.

3. Go on an adventure in the dark scene, you will have a lot of interesting trial tasks to complete.

Witch Cry Horror House Mod Gameplay:

1. Only by solving the puzzles can you reach the end point smoothly. Every level is a challenge.

2. Go and try it out, feel the best adventure, more truths are waiting for you to discover.

3. There are various monsters waiting for you to fight, and the monsters in the game can be defeated with weapons.

Witch Cry Horror House Mod Game review:

1. Produced by the same manufacturer as Mr. Scary Meat, there are many new contents waiting for players to discover.

2. Can you successfully escape from the clutches of the witch? Come to the game and try to find a correct path.

3. Go to the game to challenge more monsters, and be careful of the traps around you.

The game similar to Mr Meat 2 Mod Apk

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Historic Version

Witch Cry:Horror House

2022-12-21 v1.0.6丨0MB

Witch Cry:Horror House

2022-12-12 v1.0.5丨0MB

Witch Cry:Horror House

2022-12-01 v1.0.2丨0MB

Witch Cry:Horror House

2022-11-28 v1.0.0丨0MB


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