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Home > Puzzle > Scary Garden OF Bam-bam
Scary Garden OF Bam-bam

Scary Garden OF Bam-bam

v1.1 | 83.30MB
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The description of Scary Garden OF Bam-bam (NO ADS)

   Scary Garden OF Bam-bam

About this game


welcom to scary garten of ban ban
scary garten of ban ban is a complete boxing and karate pack. The whole game is designed in story mode where you have to fight against city gangsters using your boxing kung fu skills. This kung fu game is an advanced type of fighting game. Garten of Banban Horror is waiting for you.
There are many the Garten horror 3d games but it is one of the best version of street fighting games where you play as a superhero and have to defeat different street gangsters to stop city crime. Polish your boxing and karate street fighting skills and punch, kick and shoot your opponents with your strong hands and feet.

Features of Street Rage Game
✔ Realistic street fight sounds.
✔ One touch road kill gameplay control.
✔ Experience street fighting in a relaxing action game.
✔ Unlimited thrill of street lagging fighting game.

Gameplay of the scary garten of banban game
You are the best cop in town and your job is to defeat the city fighter gang.Start your journey as a super cop hero and use smooth controls to kick and hit his gang in the streets, Solve the crime of the city by solving challenging missions. Sounds easy? Please try once.



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