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Home > Adventure > Rusty Memory VIP :Survival
Rusty Memory VIP :Survival

Rusty Memory VIP :Survival

(So Mod Menu)
v1.0.6 | 58.00MB
Mod Info

1.Not hungry
2.Not tired
3.Not cooling
4.Life do not decrease
5.Super Muscle
6.Infinite material
7.Unconditional Purchase
8.Finish production at once
9.Durable Weapon

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The description of Rusty Memory VIP :Survival (So Mod Menu)

▷Survive and find out the secrets on the island

- One day, suddenly you woke up in the remote island. What is the secret behind here?

▷ Extreme reality elements, you can't rest event for a moment!

- Real play with Nights, Days, and Weather!

▷ Another fun with the puzzles that appear in game!

- Fun events and missions are hidden all over the island!

▷ Emotional low-poly graphic with survival game!

- Feel the dreamlike mood of Rusty Memory


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Fast Download
High-speed Download in App

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