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Home > Casual > Ninja Chowdown
Ninja Chowdown Mod

Ninja Chowdown

v1.0.11937 | 106MB
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The description of Ninja Chowdown (NO ADS)

Ninja Chowdown Mod

Play as Donatsu, the chubby and agile ninja from the Dough-jo — a donut shop by day and a ninja dojo by night.

Join Donatsu’s thrilling adventures in this witty, action-packed, colorful runner game in a world ruled by food clans and love for humor and puns. But be warned, this is not your average endless runner. Let yourself be surprised!

Beware of Pizza Pierates, the Traveling Rollnins, the Barbacarians, and other comical but deadly food bosses — as delicious as they sound, dangerous as they are! Tap to jump, dash, avoid obstacles and shoot your enemies with your shurikens to beat them.

Designed specifically to play on mobile devices, Ninja Chowdown is a free-to-play arcade game that can be picked up instantly — but won’t be easy to master.

Will you be able to fight your way to the top of the food chain?

Ninja Chowdown Mod Features:

● Enjoy chubby 2d pixel art aesthetic

● Finish 37 levels filled with thrill and humor (30 seconds - 3 minutes)

● Customize your adventure with pets, clothes, and weapons

● Immerse in the game’s haptic vibrations

● Unlock achievements and top the leaderboards

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Historic Version

Ninja Chowdown

2022-08-25 v1.0.11937丨0MB


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