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The description of LandMarker

The description of LandMarker App

LandMarker is Best Social Travel App for Travelers. Landmarker is the social travel app that makes solo travelling easier. Find the best travel activities, improvise, explore and experience the world.

Travelling is probably one of the most exciting activities for a great number of people; the world is absolutely stunning, there are things to see, new foods to eat and new people to meet. Travelling and great memories can easily be spelled in the same sentence.

If you are one of those travelling junkies who can’t stay in one place for too long, LandMarker is here to boost your travelling experience to the next level.

Once you install the app, you have the opportunity to share sites with other people, by taking selfies with the places and monuments you visit. You can also give a star rating to that landmark, plus you can follow your friend’s postings to see what they are up to and maybe decide what your next destination will be.

LandMarker has a unique feature where you can see the most intriguing & visited places; this way, you get to discover the most desired landmarks. You’ll have the world at the tip of your finger, and all you have to do is experience and share it with everyone else.

The singing up process is as simple as ever, you can either:

• Create an account using your basic information or

• Create an account using your social media accounts (Facebook & Google)

The moment your account has been set up, there are no restrictions. You can enjoy the full spectrum of options LandMarker offers. The first step would be discovering new landmarks in a community that has travelling in its blood.

People indeed share pictures and moments on other social media platforms, but those are not created especially for people who are on the lookout for the next best adventure.

LandMarker was born out of the need to offer a specific people the extraordinary and a chance for them to share their extraordinary story with like-minded people. Your amazing story needs to be shared and LandMarker is the best option for you.

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Fast Download
High-speed Download in App

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