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Home > Role Playing > Jail Playground
Jail Playground Mod

Jail Playground

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v2.0 | 20.00MB
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Jail Playground Mod

Welcome to Prison Escape - Jail Playground Mod! It is a physics sandbox and ragdoll playground simulation game in the style of Prison Escape with policeman, prisoners, people, stickman, stick people and lots and lots of items for building and creating, such as melon, watermelon, weapons, blocks, cars, etc. In general here you can build your own world.

Prison Escape - Jail Playground Mod is a physics sandbox games and ragdoll playground game, which means that you can do just about anything. You can build a rocket, and send people to explore the vastness of space.

Or maybe you want to build a huge car or a prison, or maybe you want to take a melon and throw it out of space? No problem!Do whatever you want! The game has several maps/worlds, the number of which will increase regularly, as well as the number of in-game items and content!

Features of our Physics Sandbox - Playground game in the style of Prison Escape and Human Playground:
Jail Playground Mod Realistic action:

- Tear apart objects by connecting them with a rope to a rocket or car that is launched

- Smash melons with heavy blocks or melee weapons

- Have fun with dummy ragdoll and stick people

- Shoot melon with AK-47 and M4A4

- Stickman and ragdoll move like real people

Dummy Ragdolls and Human Playground:

You have the ability to spin stickman, ragdoll dismount, launch them into space, create your own and also launch them))0 , in general anything is possible!

Weapon and Tnt:

Jail Playground Mod

Prison Escape - Jail Playground Mod offers over 20 weapons/explosives such as nukes, AK-47s, bazookas, lasers, grenades, knives, spears, exploding bombs, black hole bombs... Each weapon has a different firing behavior and can be used to smash melon, dummy ragdoll and ragdoll dismount other things.

Water and Liquid simulation:

Jail Playground Mod

Prison Escape - Jail Playground Mod is not only a people and physics sandbox playground, but also a water simulation! You can build boats and ships put prisoners and dummy ragdolls on them and launch them into the water, which is in the second location.

Jail Playground Mod Other features:

- Large number of characters, such as: prisoners, policemans, stickman, dummy ragdoll playground, Human Playground, stick people

- Large number of items such as: cannons, building blocks, melon, watermelon, clothes, chemistry, etc.

- Prison escape and jail playground style adds to the game atmosphere and policemans

Tags: Jail Playground Mod, Jail Playground Unlocked

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Historic Version

Jail Playground

2022-10-09 v1.0丨0MB


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