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Home > Role Playing > Garten of Banban 2 Mobile MOD APK
Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK

Garten of Banban 2 Mobile MOD APK

(So Mod Menu)
v1.0 | 351MB
Mod Info

Mod Menu:
1.Character acceleration
2.Jump to the sky (press and hold the Jump key)

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The description of Garten of Banban 2 Mobile MOD APK (So Mod Menu)

Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK - Continue the story of Banban's Kindergarten. Delve deeper into the bizarre establishment where the place was left suspiciously empty. Try to survive the unexpected residents, all while uncovering the truth behind the place…

Explore the underworld of Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK

It turned out Banban's Kindergarten had a massive underground facility! Who would have thought! Unfortunately, your discovery was a painful one, as your curiosity has led to the crashing of your elevator. You must now explore this new region of the facility that you have landed in, uncover the horrifying truth behind the place, and escape with your life.

More friends to make!

The potential of making friends in Banban's Kindergarten is endless! The friends that you made in the first Garten of Banban are a mere fraction of the friends to be made, and now that you are stuck in a much deeper chamber after the events of the first game, you are sure to make some more friends!

Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK Game Features

1. In this game, you must use your bravery and quick thinking to defeat monsters and find a way to escape from Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK;

2. The gameplay is easy to understand, but hard to master, because you have to avoid the deadly traps set by Banban Monster Garden;

3. With 120 days to escape, fight for survival in this horror game where every step counts.

Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK Gameplay

1. There are still many hidden rooms waiting for you to discover, there will be more clues here, so that you can quickly complete the escape;

2. Indulge in adventures in the game world, quickly avoid various risks, and successfully reach the end of the goal;

3. The game adopts the first-person perspective, allowing you to have an immersive exploration experience, try your best to avoid the pursuit of monsters, and ensure your own safety;

4. You will find many hidden clues, show your reasoning ability, extract more useful information, and find a safe exit.

Garten of Banban 2 MOD APK Game Highlights

1. Personalized operation mode, active and tense exploration gameplay, encounter more horror stories in this kindergarten;

2. Complete different challenges, unlimited exploration activities, flexibly control your character, and solve more problems;

3. Think hard, exciting and interesting challenge mode, collect useful props, find clues, and escape successfully.

For specific Garten of Banban 2 Gameplay or Garten of Banban 2 Guide, please click the video on our YouTube channel

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Historic Version

Garten of Banban 2 Mobile MOD APK

2023-03-13 v1.0丨351.61MB


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