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Home > Action > Doomsday Shooter
Doomsday Shooter

Doomsday Shooter

v1.0.7 | 27.00MB
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Incompatibility of some mobile phone models

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The description of Doomsday Shooter

Background of the story: The world has become a wasteland after horrific biological risks. The virus has become a familiar distance-exciting battlefield that has transformed some creatures into zombies and aliens. Humans are at risk of death and need to resist the attacks of zombies and aliens and unite to save the world! Brave Defenders, we need to understand that the difficult duel never erased the indomitable will of the people. Import as many weapons and equipment as possible to get rid of level zombies more quickly and enhance the combat effect of passing through levels smoothly.

This is the most exciting and fun action and zombie shooter. As a survivor and zombie terminator, your mission is to survive in battle and protect the world. You can get rid of zombies more quickly over a level that gives you more weapons and equipment and improves combat efficiency and combat skills.

This amazing zombie game is full of barbaric zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy the zombie slaughter in your own style. If you're looking for a great zombie shooter, you no longer need to find one! You can survive in the cruel Zombie Apocalypse world through exciting battles. Every day can be the last day, so use all the techniques for survival and hunt all dead subjects in the bloody behavior of this zombie shooter. Don't hesitate to pull the trigger. The dead will not tolerate any mistakes!


Enjoy the zombie slaughter in different ways

You can use various deadly weapons

Many characters with unique development abilities

Various zombies and scary bosses

Achievements and Global Leaderboard

Much work

True HD graphics

An innovative offline survival shooter with the sole purpose of killing everything. You have to survive in a city full of crazy zombies. You will need a very skilled zombie killer to resist the army of the dead! Download now and enjoy this zombie game!


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Fast Download
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