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Home > Puzzle > Death Attraction MOD APK
Death Attraction MOD APK

Death Attraction MOD APK

(Invincible characters)
v0.59 | 45.30MB
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The enemy will not attack you

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The description of Death Attraction MOD APK (Invincible characters)

Death Attraction MOD APK is a horror game, created by one developer, inspired by the movie "IT", "The Spell" and the beautiful game "Death Park" : The last thing I remember was playing outside in rainy weather, playing with a paper boat. 

Suddenly I heard someone's voice from the manhole by the road, this someone called me by name. When I got closer to the hatch, I saw a smiling clown below, he said he was stuck and couldn't get out, and asked for help. He seemed cheerful to me, but his burning eyes were terrifying. At some point he fell silent, I tried to take a step back, but my legs wouldn't obey me, he abruptly stuck his huge hand out of the hatch and dragged me into the hatch, I don't remember anything else. Now I do not know where I am, I need to get out of here as soon as possible!

Tags: Death Attraction MOD APK, Death Attraction Unlocked


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Historic Version

Death Attraction MOD APK

2023-02-27 v0.59丨45.36MB


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