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Home > Tools > Date Check Pro
Date Check Pro

Date Check Pro

v2.5.32 | 6.00MB
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The description of Date Check Pro

The description of Date Check Pro App

Date Check Pro™, the #1 expiration date management solution for food retailers brings you our all new, fully re-designed solution.

Expiration dates are tracked on a per product basis, with daily notifications on items expiring soon throughout the store. Cut down expired shrink, provide only the freshest products for shoppers, and protect your brand.

The software can be applied to a large number of items throughout the store including grocery, natural foods, frozen goods, processed meat, and a majority of dairy products.

New features within Date Check Pro™ 2.0 include:

- Step-by-step guided date checking process

- Utilize movement data to maximize shrink savings

- Product images

- Offline mode with real-time syncing

The all-new reporting platform includes:

- Dashboard with ROI, user, and top loss data

- Automated food donation tax deduction tracking

- Time and pace tracking per user

- Customized time estimates based on store pace

- Top Expired and All Expired reports

- Repeat out of stock alerts

- And more.

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Fast Download
High-speed Download in App

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